Sunday, May 31, 2015

How Can Divorce Affect Your Children?

Divorce is difficult on everyone involved, but children are often hit the hardest. Rotating between multiple homes and navigating visitation can be challenging. As a result, these kids are at a high risk for certain behaviors like bullying or substance abuse. However, if you are aware of the common outcomes and talk with your children, you can help them successfully cope with the situation.

Mimicking Negative Parental Behaviors

It is no secret that some relationships simply do not end on positive terms. This can cause parents to yell, name call or bad mouth the other. When children see this, they unconsciously understand that behavior as a healthy emotional response. This can create unhealthy habits and negatively impact future relationships and friendships.

Bullies at School, Responsible at Home

Many children of divorced parents experience difficulty in their academic lives. At first, there is a lot of adjustment as they cope with their new situation. Without proper mental care or tutoring, the child may fall further behind and take their frustration out on classmates. However, these same children refocus their attention to be responsible daughters, sons and siblings.

Happy to See Parents Thrive

Regardless of how negative or positive the divorce ends, children will take pleasure in their parents’ happiness. If both parties make an effort to become healthier people, children will support the new way of life. Sometimes living separately is for the better and with time, your kids will agree if you continue to set a good example. To learn more about a divorce lawyer in San Diego, please visit this website.

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