Sunday, May 31, 2015

Tips on Child Visitation

When you must negotiate a parent-child visitation schedule, it is very important to take steps to strengthen the relationship and offer regular support for the child. Divorce is a difficult time for everyone so take care to pay attention to how your child’s needs change and try to navigate new obstacles as positively as possible.

Be Consistent

Stick to a routine. Don’t rotate between meeting on the weekends and weekdays. Pick a schedule and stick with it. This might be the highlight of your child’s week so give them something to rely on. Allow room for special circumstances or the occasional work meeting. However, make visitation the top priority so you can make the most of parent-child time.

Take Your Child Age Into Account

Teenagers and toddlers react very differently to parent-child bonding. Your older kids may want to spend more time with their friends, while younger children never want you to leave. Don’t take it personally. Instead, plan visitations with this fact in mind. Schedule time for a Wednesday night dinner, so your teen can enjoy a Saturday with friends.

Be Cordial

Unfortunately, a divorce may cause negative emotions on either or both sides, but stay cordial. Make an agreement with your ex-spouse to remain calm in front of the kids and resolve conflicts privately. Seeing their parents openly angry at each other can cause children stress. Avoid this tension to make visitation as pleasant as possible. To learn more about a child visitation attorney in San Diego, please visit this website.

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